Boat Mountain Park


This distinctive flat-topped ridge shaped like an upturned boat is covered in dry rainforest and open eucalypt woodland. At 589m, Boat Mountain is a local landmark in the Murgon area and the headwaters of four creeks. Most of the vegetation was originally hoop pine rainforest but now is a mixture of softwood scrub and vine thicket following logging. More than 130 plant species grow here including rare plants. Common trees include the small-leaved tuckeroo, white tamarind, leopard ash and native holly. The park also contains grassy open eucalypt woodland with stringybarks and grey gums.

Exploring Boat Mountain:
Relax and enjoy nature in this small park. Have a picnic with a view on the edge of the park. Only picnic tables are provided. Walk to two lookouts for views over the surrounding countryside. Go bird watching. The park has at least 46 species of birds including rufous whistlers, black-faced cuckoo-shrikes, double-barred finches, red-backed wrens, honeyeaters, fantails, doves and pigeons. You might also see black-striped wallabies and echidnas by day or pygmy-possums and sugar gliders at night. See the dish-shaped depressions on the track made by the black-breasted button-quail as it spins around feeding. Bandicoot diggings can be seen along the track. See the vine forest and great views along the walking track. Wear protective clothing to avoid being scratched by prickly shrubs. The full circuit includes Braithwaites Lookout and the vine scrub walk. Camping is not allowed in the park.
Please note: It is quite a long and gradual climb to the top then it flattens out as you walk to the lookouts. A fair degree of fitness would be required to climb to the top and there are many steps which do help. If you’re not up to a walk in the Conservation Park, we recommend you still take a drive up that way through the Tableland district and take in the magnificent views from Kapernick Park which can be easily accessed by car.

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